For decades, Paul Taylor has been a champion of social justice through leadership and has impacted his community in the West End and beyond. In 2012, Paul became the Executive Director of Gordon Neighbourhood House, a not-for-profit organization that has emerged as a leader in operating community-based food initiatives. Paul utilizes strategic direction, humour and creativity to inspire and connect with staff, volunteers and members of his community. Gordon Neighbourhood House also works to support public education and ongoing conversation around the systems that maintain poverty.

Welfare and social programs are close to Paul; growing up on Welfare as a child shaped his vision on the right to food and set forth an activist path grounded in the right to food. He is the first to acknowledge that we need more than kind hearts to address food poverty – we need a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy for the province of BC.

Paul has been a guiding force in the community for several years, his impact reaches far beyond regional or Provincial boundaries. His leadership journey first began as a teacher in his native Province of Ontario, then as a Vice Principal and a college level Business Administration Instructor.

Paul’s previous work also includes a stint as Executive Director for the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House and prior to that at Second Base Youth Shelter in Scarborough, Ontario. He has served on the board of the Metro Vancouver Alliance, is the founder of the Vancouver Food Summit and is currently a Co-Chair of BC’s Poverty Reduction Coalition.

Connect with Paul on Twitter @paulm_taylor.

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